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We’re here for you, if you’re looking for a little more info, our most frequently asked questions are below. If you’re still unsure, we’re available 7 days a week to chat.



What are your opening times?

Our customer care team is available on live chat and telephone: 8am-10pm, Monday – Friday and 8am-4pm on the weekends.

Do you have a medical advisory board?

Dr Gareth James (GP & Medical Director) and Sian Baker (Dip ION mBANT mCNHC Head of Wellbeing Services) make up our medical advisory board. They work with us to ensure that products, lab partners and test result reports are accredited and accurate.

Do you offer any health and wellbeing related content?

We post regular blogs and articles on our health journal page. All articles are reviewed by our medical advisory board. See the latest articles here.

I've purchased a test but I'm unsure how to collect my sample?

Our Helpful Guides page contains both video and illustrated instructions to follow to correctly take your sample.

Are your labs accredited?

We only partner with ISO and UKAS accredited labs.


What is the normal HbA1c level?

The American Diabetes Association categorises HbA1c levels as: Normal: <42 mmol/mol, or below 6%, Prediabetes: 42-47 mmol/mol, or 6-6.4%, Diabetes: 48 mmol/mol, or 6.5%

What is a HbA1c blood test?

HbA1c (glycated haemoglobin) is a measurement that clinicians use to get an overall picture of what average blood glucose (sugar) levels have been over a period of 2-3 months. This is useful as an early indicator of someone who may be likely to develop pre-diabetes or diabetes.

Is HbA1c testing suitable for everyone?

HbA1C testing is not suitable for everyone. We do not recommend HbA1c testing if any of the following apply to you: You have anaemia, you have had your spleen removed, you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you have a blood borne disorder


What are the early warning signs of thyroid problems?

There are different conditions which can arise from issues with thyroid function such as hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism as well as the autoimmune condition hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Early warning signs include bowel movement changes, unexplained weight fluctuations, mood issues, skin changes, difficulty in dealing with changes in temperature, memory problems, changes in your vision, hair loss and lumps/ nodules appearing on your neck.

How can I check my thyroid levels at home?

Thyroid function can be checked from the comfort of your own home through finger-prick blood testing. If the result shows any marker out of range you can take or send the GP summary to your GP for further investigation.

Vitamin D

How do you test for Vitamin D?

Vitamin D can be tested with a simple at-home blood test. A small amount of blood is taken via a finger prick to fill a blood collection tube.

How can I test my Vitamin D at home?

You can order an at-home blood test from The Health Hub. There is a simple process to follow that involves a finger prick blood sample which you return with a prepaid postage label to the lab to receive your results.

What is a good Vitamin D test result?

A result of 50 > nmol/L is considered to be a good level of vitamin D.

Vitamin B12

What is the test for Vitamin B12?

You can order an at-home blood test from The Health Hub. There is a simple process to follow that involves a finger prick blood sample which you return with a prepaid postage label to the lab to receive your results.

How do you test for B12 deficiency?

Vitamin B12 can be tested with a simple at-home blood test. A small amount of blood is taken via a finger prick to fill a blood collection tube.

What are the early warning signs of a B12 deficiency?

Some of the common symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency are; weakness, fatigue, numbness, tingling, mood changes, depression.

Food Allergy & Intolerance Tests

How long does it take to get my results?

There is a 5 working day turnaround from sample receipt at the lab, you will be notified when your results are ready in your dashboard.

When will I receive my order?

If you order by 3pm weekdays, your test will be dispatched the same day (excluding bank holidays). DPD next weekday shipping is provided free of charge.

How do I know my results are valid?

We only partner with ISO and UKAS accredited laboratories that adhere to the highest standards of quality assurance.

My result says not enough sample to test?

If all four blood spots on the card supplied are not filled fully, the sample will not be able to be tested at the lab. Please read your supplied instructions and follow the video guide to ensure that you fill your sample accurately.

Refer a friend

I entered my friends name and it didn't work?

This could be for several reasons. It could be because your friend never registered for the refer-a-friend scheme. It could be because you’re entering a nickname (that the system doesn’t recognise) rather than the name they registered with or it could be because there are more than one person with the same name signed up. If this is the case then you just need to follow the instructions to enter their email address. If you don’t know their email address then please ask them for it and come back to us.

I sent my friend to you but I never got a reward?

It’s important to check that you are sure that they bought from us as you’ll only get the reward after they’ve bought from us. Second, are you sure they’re a new customer as the rewards are only valid if they’re a new customer.

If you think they are, then contact our customer care team and we can confirm that they have and arrange for your reward to be validated.

I remember seeing an offer but can't remember what it was or how to share it?

You can either just tell your friend to come to the site and to enter your name in the checkout in order to get the discount or visit your MentionMe account for more information.

Why did my friend get a different offer to the one that I got?

Sometimes our offers change and they may go up or go down. You have our latest offer.

I referred lots of people but I only got 5 gift vouchers?

This may be because only five new customers ended up buying or it may be because you have reached the limit set within the terms and conditions. The terms and conditions state that customers can only make a certain number of referrals in a 24 hour period and within a year. This is to stop people taking advantage of our refer a friend programme.

Meal Planner Subscriptions

When is the meal planning offer valid for?

The offer is valid to customers who make a purchase between the 25th November and 23:59 on the 31st March. If you did not opt in, in the cart for the product, we are unable to offer access to the meal planning service. If you placed an order before this time, you are not eligible for the promotion.

I removed the meal planner from my basket, how do I get access?

If you did not opt in, in the cart for the product, we are unable to offer access to the meal planning service.

How many accounts do I get?

One account for the meal planning service is provided per transaction. We do not offer one account per test purchased.

Can I cancel the renewal of the subscription?

Yes, you can cancel the renewal at any time, this will end your free access once the 30 days has elapsed. Simply log into your account on to manage your subscription.

When does my 30 days access expire?

The 30 days free access will expire 30 days from the date in which you placed the order.

Who is the meal planner suitable for?

The meal planning service is not suitable for those aged under 18 years old or with pre-existing medical conditions. Always consult with your GP before changing your diet.

How much does the meal planner cost outside of this offer?

The meal planning service is charged at £7.99 per month outside of this offer.

Do I need a code to redeem this offer?

No code is required for this offer, the offer will be automatically added to your cart during the eligibility period.


How long does it take to get my results once I send my sample back?

Once you have sent back your sample to our lab it will arrive there within 1 -2 days (excluding Sundays). Once it has arrived at our lab, they will then check in your sample. You will get an email confirmation of this and will receive results within 48hrs via email but typically 24hrs. Day 5 test results are ready in 24 hours from it being received in the lab.

How do I send my test back?

Each test includes a UN3373 return bag and a Royal Mail Tracked 24 return label. All you need to do is follow the instructions to seal your sample inside the bag and send it back to our laboratory.

Why are your tests so expensive?

Our tests are currently in line with most at home testing kit providers, but kits do vary in price depending on the source of kits and other factors.

Why do they need to be PCR and not lateral flow?

Lateral flow tests will not be able to be analysed for variants if positive, that is why they are not satisfactory.

Why do I have to pay for tests?

As travel back into the UK is a private matter, you must pay for your testing, individuals who need to travel due to the nature of their job are exempt from paid for testing in line with government guidance.

What is my booking ref?

The reference numbers are on your order confirmation email you will have received after purchasing and start with “HEALT”

Can I leave the house to return my swab sample?

You may leave your house to post your test or to travel directly to and from a testing site. You should follow safer travel guidance and avoid public transport if possible.

How do I find a priority post box?

Priority post boxes are listed on the Royal Mail website.

When will my test arrive?

We dispatch the test kit one day before your arrival in The UK. So you will receive it on the day of the arrival or the day after.

Where is your lab located?

Our PCR testing lab is at 6 Osyth Close, Brackmills Industrial Estate, Northampton, NN4 7DY. If you drop-off by 10am, you should have your results back by the end of the day but certainly within 24 hours.

Does my child need to be tested?

Children under 5 do not need to take the day-2 or day-8 test, however if you are opting for the test to release scheme they will need to take a day 5 test. You can find more information on the following link. When you complete your order you will receive an order confirmation email which will include your booking reference number for use on the passenger locator form, this will begin with HEALT.

How do I return my sample?

You have several options to return with us.

  • Free Royal Mail Tracked 24 (1-2 working days to return if sent Monday – Friday or Saturday
  • Arrange your own courier
  • Drop off to lab

How do I get my results?

Results will be available through your online dashboard but you will receive an email and text to notify you when they are ready.

How do I take my test?

Your kit will include instructions of the full process or you can watch our useful video explaining the process here.

COVID Rapid Antigen

How do I take the test using the video platform?

Simply follow the instructions provided with the test and scan the QR code to register your tests or visit the following website.

After registration you will be sent a login to your account. You will also be sent a unique PIN by email and SMS.

You are then ready to take your test.

My QR code is not working, what should I do?

If the QR code doesn’t work, then please visit:

My test was rejected, what should I do?

Tests are rarely rejected. In most cases, this is because you have not followed the steps clearly as per the video.

If there is something that can be salvaged or rectified, our team will help you to do this. If our team are unable to verify what you have presented, then this cannot be accepted as a verified test. In such cases, you will need to either purchase another test, or find an alternative provider.

Please see the terms and conditions of your test provider for further information.

My test has not been verified for a long time?

In some cases, you may have not submitted all the information clearly. For example, you have not shown your blank test strip, or forgotten to show the result strip, or there is an error with the video etc.

Our team try their best to help you in these situations therefore the process may take longer than expected. Rest assured your test is always our highest priority.

My test is inconclusive, what should I do?

In extremely rare circumstances a test may show an inconclusive result. If you have done all the tests and your test is not giving any result, then this is a test that must be repeated. Unfortunately, it means that your swab result was unrecordable. If this is the case, we recommend trying an alternative test. Please contact us with evidence if this happens and we can try and help you with this.

If there is enough time, we are happy to send out another test kit to you.

My test certificate has missing information?

Our tests are conducted and certificates are provided with guidance for the UK government website for private providers. We will always include the minimum requirement. In some cases, we will add more than the minimum required to try and aid passengers, as often airlines and countries change their rules. It is important that you do your test in good time. Don’t do it too early, or too late. We do provide rapid turnaround time, therefore if you notice any mistakes or errors, please flag this up right away and a member of our team will help rectify this right away. Please allow enough time for this, as guidance for airlines, countries and airports change often.

It is up to you to ensure your information is correct.

Day 2 Lateral Flow Antigen Test

How long before travelling should I take my pre- departure test?

We recommend performing and submitting your test within 24-48 hours of travelling, and practicing social distancing in the meantime to ensure you will be fit to travel when the time comes. It’s important to allow yourself plenty of time before travelling in order to account for any delays in order to receive your certificate in time.

While our team works as hard as they can to issue your certificate well within 24 hours of receiving your submission, complications can arise if you didn’t correctly perform a step, if your test is invalid or if our team is experiencing high demand so we recommend allowing yourself some extra time to account for this.

How many tests do I need to take?

To use our checking service, you will only need to perform one Antigen test per person travelling for each individual certificate. The rules for testing can vary between countries so it’s important to always read the corresponding government travel guidelines for the specific country you’re visiting, which you can find here

If your test cannot be authorised by our nurses or your result is invalid, you may need to perform another test.

What is a passenger locator form, and where do I fill it in?

All travellers returning to the UK from abroad must perform a day 2 Covid test and fill in a free passenger locator form.

Your passenger locator form should be submitted within 48 hours of returning to the UK and will detail your vaccination status, travel details, booking reference of Covid tests you have booked along with the UK address of where you’re staying.

You can read the full criteria and fill in the passenger locator form at any time you like on the .gov website here.

What’s the difference between Antigen and PCR tests?

PCR tests involve taking a swab to detect the presence of viral coronavirus RNA. The sample must be sent to a lab and examined to receive the result, and this will often take at least 24 hours. Antigen tests are also performed using a nasal swab but will provide a result within 15 minutes, but the result is a less accurate result than PCR tests as they are only designed to detect infectious coronavirus protein fragments.
Our Antigen tests are fully approved by the UK government, the NHS and most international governing bodies.

I still need help. How can I get in touch?

If you have any queries or questions regarding the service or your test kit, please get in touch with our customer service team here either by calling our number 0800 8021 142, or drop us an email at [email protected], or go to our website to reach us on our live chat. Our team will be able to answer your queries between the hours 8am to 10pm from Monday to Friday, and 8am to 4pm on weekends.

Is there a minimum age requirement to use your checking service?

At time of writing, you must be at least 13 years old to administer the test yourself using our checking service. For under 13s, parental or guardian consent must be provided stating that a test can be performed for the minor and that the guardian accepts responsibility.

Please check the UK Gov website for latest travel advice.

What time should I do my test?

You can perform your test at any time you like. Our team of nurses will receive your submission within 24 hours and will aim to issue your certificate within usual 9-5 working hours.

Should you require your certificate before travelling, we recommend allowing yourself plenty of time prior to travelling to perform your test to make sure our team can get your certificate to you as soon as possible.

Can I do my test anywhere?

Yes! You can perform and record your test wherever you like, no matter what country you are in.

Just make sure that you have a reliable internet connection and your device is safely positioned so it doesn’t slip or interrupt your recording. You should also make sure that you are positioned in a well lit area so our nurses can easily make sure that you’re following each step correctly.

My test strip is invalid. What should I do?

The quality control line ‘C’ will not appear when a test is invalid. This means, for whatever reason, that the test has not worked and a result cannot be reported. This can be down to a poor sample collection, failure to follow instructions or, in rare occasions, an expired test.
When this happens, the nurse will report the result as invalid and you should perform another test whilst being very careful to follow the instructions provided.

Why hasn’t my test been verified yet?

Our team works hard to aim to verify every test and issue a certificate as soon as possible with results issued within 24-hours. On rare occasions, this process can take a while if our team is experiencing a large influx of tests or an exceptionally high demand. We recommend performing your test with plenty of time to spare prior to travelling to ensure you receive your certificate in time for your trip.
Rest assured that our team is working as fast as they can to provide you with your certificate as soon as possible.

My QR code isn’t scanning correctly

If the QR code on your card isn’t working, don’t worry! Please make sure you’re scanning the bottom QR code and covering the top one with your finger. If you are still having problems, please get in touch so our team can help provide a solution.

Why was my test rejected?

A test can be rejected by our checking team for a number of reasons, usually due to the test not being performed correctly or an unclear image of the test strip or your passport. Your test can also be rejected if the personal details you entered don’t match the details on your passport. Our expert checking team works hard to validate each test, but due to our strict guidelines if a step is not performed properly then the result cannot be validated.
Always be sure to capture the images and videos that you send in a well lit environment, and that your device’s camera is properly positioned and focused.

How do I find the correct system?

To take your test please go to and create a new account.

Where can I find my URN to register the test on your website?

You do not need to register this test the same way as you would register a PCR test, no URN is needed. Please go to and register a new account here, taking the test and filling in all the information will register the test. Please be aware that you do not have to register your test until you are ready to take it.

There is no button to take a picture of the QR code?

You do not need to take a photo of the QR, you just need to hold it up to the camera and be still, the camera should pick this up and scan this in.

What should i do if im struggling with the process and cant get in touch with the customer service team?

There is a manual option at the bottom of each step, just click on the link and it will take you to our manual application. From here you just need to upload photos of all steps.

What do I do if I can't upload anything to the manual application?

Please email our customer service team at [email protected], let them know you have tried the manual application and cant upload anything, provide us with all details asked for on the manual application and we will send this over to my clear test to try and get a certificate sent out for you.

How do i take the test?

Go to this website:

Log in if you already have an account (used the new system before) or register if it’s a new customer

Once logged in and on “DASHBOARD” click take a test in the purple box

Choose what test you have: (Day 2 antigen)

This will then take you to the video and consent boxes (Please tick all of the boxes)

Scan/ hover the camera over the QR code on step 3 of the instruction card or enter the 30 digit code at the bottom of the card manually

Take a clear picture of your passport and then click the next step

It will ask you to enter the Booking reference number, this would have been in your email and will start with HEALT……

You will need to scan the QR code on the blank test cassette (ensure the test is on flat surface, QRcode is visible and please be patient with it while it recognises the code)

Once the test has been scanned you will need to take a Photo of the blank test cassette and click the next step

You will need to take a picture of yourself to prove who you are

NOW IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO TAKE THE TEST! (do not start the timer until the test has been taken)

Before starting the test, make sure that your device’s camera is clean and focused, and that yourself and your test kit are clearly visible in the video

Your device should have ample battery life and be firmly positioned or propped up in place on a flat surface to ensure it doesn’t move, slip or reposition itself to interrupt your recording

When you are properly positioned, click ‘start recording’

Perform your Covid-19 test by carefully following the instructions provided. Make sure every step is clearly visible on your video

When you are finished and have successfully recorded each step, press ‘stop recording’

Your timer will then automatically start for 15 minutes, which is the time your test strip will take to provide the most accurate result

While the timer is running you will be asked to submit some of your details in order to register the test

Once the 15 minute timer is up you will be asked to scan the QR code of the completed test cassette ( ensure the test is on a flat surface, QR code is visible and please be patient with it while it recognises the code)

Once the code has been recognised and matched so you now need to take a clear image of the completed test cassette. After capturing the result, select whether the result is negative or positive. Be sure to select the correct result

Press the next step and the test should be completed with all details submitted

All done! Your information has been submitted to our checking team and you will be issued with a certificate upon correct completion. This will usually happen within 24 hours

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please contact us on [email protected]

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