Iron (Ferritin) Test

This simple to use at-home blood test will help you gain insight into your Iron (ferritin) levels. This test determines if you are at risk of iron deficiency (anemia) or iron overload (hemochromatosis).

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Collection method:

Finger-prick sample


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More about this test

Iron is important for healthy muscles, bone marrow, and organ function.

You need iron to make healthy red blood cells. Red blood cells carry oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body. 

Whilst Iron levels will give us an idea of the amount of iron circulating in your body how, it is not as good an indicator to your true iron levels as a ferritin blood test.

Ferritin levels indicate the amount of stored iron in your body, if a person doesn’t have enough ferritin, iron stores can deplete quickly.

Ferritin is stored in the body’s cells until it’s time to make more red blood cells, and give us a better indicator of the overall picture of your iron levels than just iron on its own. 


Too little or too much iron in your system can cause serious health problems if not treated.


The greatest concentrations of ferritin are typically in the cells of the liver (known as hepatocytes) and immune system (known as reticuloendothelial cells).

• Blood collection device using finger-prick method
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• A doctor validated report
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This test measures your ferritin levels. 

Your results will show the level of iron in circulating your body, and the amount of iron stores (ferritin) you have, and whether these levels are deficient, insufficient, normal or elevated.



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